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The price of Equality…

I’ve seemed to have stepped on a few toes with some Facebook posts I’ve made in reference to the media coverage of the Micheal Brown case. To get a better understanding of my view of the case, I made the post to my facebook page on 11-25-2014, “My thoughts on the Ferguson case: I know […]

A brief thought on berries and church.

The feeling of plump fruit mashing beneath your feet; the purple berry staining your skin so you look as if you were one of Gods chosen children. The Hindu culture fascinates me. As a Christian, I was always told other ‘pagan’ religions were not to be associated with. However; God twisted my idea of that […]

Musings on my Father

Some random pieces I wrote for my father for fathers day, all original works.Please don’t use any of these without permission or post them without my knowledge. I love you, Daddy. ❤—First Dance             The school gymnasium echoed with the upbeat sound of country booming within the walls. Crowds of parents and their daughters swayed to […]