The price of Equality…

I’ve seemed to have stepped on a few toes with some Facebook posts I’ve made in reference to the media coverage of the Micheal Brown case. To get a better understanding of my view of the case,

I made the post to my facebook page on 11-25-2014, “My thoughts on the Ferguson case: I know this is a very difficult issue to address. Since I wasn’t there the night that Micheal Brown was killed, I can’t say whether or not the officer was justified. Regardless of the outcome of this case, the one thing I’ve learned is that what is right is wrong to the world and when something is done wrong it needs to be handled in the right way. I think the best thing that has been said in this whole ordeal is by the cousin of Micheal Brown on FOX news last night. If we address this as a black and white issue, we defeat the purpose of fighting for the equality for two humans. As soon as it becomes ‘the black teenager’ and the ‘white officer’ we have dehumanized two human beings. This is exactly the same for all forms of equality – if we want racial equality, social equality, or gender equality for ALL people, we must treat them all as human beings, above all. If we say, “All black people are persecuted by white people” we have stereotyped both races and continued the ongoing racism that lies underneath our society. Once we decide to stop that mentality and begin to say “An officer shot and killed an 18 year old male” is when the problems like this will stop.”

Then, a post was made in reference to, “Black Lives mean more than Black Friday” and a very negative response from Christians was received. After posting this, my sister and I were tagged in this post out of the blue —

Please keep in mind I am no liberal, democrat, or involved in politics.

I’d love to get some feedback from some other Christians and see what your opinion is on not the Micheal Brown case, the Tamir Rice case (which was the reason for the original black Friday post), or any media cases in general. This is simply a stand for equality for ALL human beings – regardless of race, age, gender, sexuality, or social class.

Should Christians stand for equality or is it pointless?



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  1. Neil brooks · · Reply

    Sarah, Christ shines through your every word, you have made you Lord and you dad Proud! Never give up, the Lord your God is with you!

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