A brief thought on berries and church.

The feeling of plump fruit mashing beneath your feet; the purple berry staining your skin so you look as if you were one of Gods chosen children.

The Hindu culture fascinates me. As a Christian, I was always told other ‘pagan’ religions were not to be associated with. However; God twisted my idea of that around. Today is Krishna’s birthday – and we spent the morning harvesting fruit from the Jamun tree with our landlords. When you shake the branches, it’s almost as if the berries are raining down on you. If you’re unlucky enough to get one to hit and splatter on you, it stains you purple.

The tree is significant to them – it’s the tree of god. The berries are purple, like god’s skin. They highly regard and cherish the tree. Whenever a festival occurs, they harvest the fruit – yet they always make sure to give God a portion before they take.

To me, a Christian, they say that should be idolatry. However – I’ve come to realize that although we might not be able to praise Jesus together; we can most certainly worship God together. If I pick a fruit for the honor of Yahweh – does it matter what the fruit is or who it’s for? After all, Paul says in 1 Corinthians 8 that if a brother isn’t stumbling, you may partake. So what if we can help rather than allow someone to stumble?

I’ve learned so much from these people I consider family. Not just about life but about god. Perhaps, as Christians, instead of putting a shield up and casting all others away, we must reach a hand out and get to know them.

The most devout woman of god I’ve ever met is a Hindu. As a Christian, that shakes my belief system to the core. Perhaps as Christians, instead of trying to be more like ‘good church folk’ we must look at how God wants his people to act. Must I be a Christian to be one of Gods children? Or must I just honor God in doing what he says we must – love God, love one another.

Perhaps the church has done so much blocking the outside world out when we should have been stepping outside ourselves.


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