No Day Is Perfect.

Today started out pretty great. In chapel today we took communion and prayed for one another. Having fellowship and community like the Bible explains is pretty great. It’s encouraging and refreshing. I had a wonderful conversation with two great gals who are fellow Christians. We laughed about denominations, talked about testimonies, and mused on our future and purposes. It’s fascinating how people who barely know one another can get so personal and in depth.

That’s something only the Christian fellowship can bring, I think. We might not chat again or see eachother again – but, it’s almost like we’re the best of friends for an hour or so. And then after that we drift off to our usual lives and lock it away in a memory to be thought about later on down the road.

I think I prefer that sort of socializing the best. The kind that is gripping and personal and in depth, but, still isn’t every day or often to the point it gets numbing.

I suppose that’s the musing of an introvert.

I’m torn between socializing and keeping to myself – however, I think I find a nice balance on days like today.


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