Ah, introductions. What’s really to say in such a short summery of ones self?

I could start by mentioning my favorite color or food, but, what’s the fun in that? For the record, my favorite color is orange and I really really love food so just picking one would be an insult to all the other great foods I love. However, if it helps, I’m Greek – so, I’m pretty into lamb.

My name is Sarah and I’m a student at Southeastern University. I’m studying Practical Theology and Journalism. I’m aspiring to be a military chaplain when I graduate and I’m not too sure what I’ll do after that. My  hobbies include writing, photography, painting, cooking, watching horror movies, and debating.

I’m a history buff and I love other countries and cultures. Although I love movies and going out to eat, I’d much rather stay inside and watch a movie and order in. I’m pretty nerdy and I’m a huge DC comic fan (although I’ve got a thing for the Avengers, that’s pretty much as far as I’ll go with Marvel). I’m into manga and anime, Netflix is how I pass my time, and I’m always wishing to get into art more but I seem to lose my inspirations as soon as I get them.

I’m not quite sure what else to say along with that. I suppose you’ll get to know me through my blog, if it’s ever read, of course.

I’m assuming it will just be whatever I feel like posting. Journalism, criticisms, personal experiences, and bordem.


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